Before I’m off on another trip,

I bid farewell to my love, Haku, as she lays her body across our wood floors.

It’s another day and the more time passes, the more I wonder what’s next.

Be here now, be here now.

I know this isn’t it and by this and it I mean the endless tasks that pile up through work that’s beginning to gain no matter.

The growth is still steady but My Lord, if I could ask, I need something more;

I’d love to drown in Your Essence and bask in your Light a thousand times the amount I do in every waking moment You give me.

May I ask for this and this only?

May I ask for the rest of my journey to be in Your light as if it hadn’t been this whole time?

You’ve been awaking me early and I hear Your call but my ego is so strong and easily ready to fall back asleep again.

Can I ask for something more?

Can I ask to walk this Path with ease? And remain fixated on thoughts of You I only can conceive?

It’s a new day and I welcome all opportunities. I am open to receiving.

Are you?


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