Waking up on thin lines of reality

It was easier than usual to wake up today.

After long naps that lasted hours, the weekend passed me by like it never exisisted.

This morning my body shook me every hour in the morning asking, is it time? Is it time yet?

And it never was.

Now that I’m awake, there’s only a few things I look forward to and one is the entire day itself.

It’s Monday so we plan for the week ahead.

Work. Business. Content. Market.

This is the professional side of my days.

Rest. Relax. Read. Chant. Pray. Move. Think. Plan. Listen. Breathe.

This is the spiritual side.

And maybe I won’t accomplish as much as I plan or maybe I’ll accomplish more;

the point is that I did and I worked hard at doing it.

What are your plans for this week?

Anything exciting?

– Natalia

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