The more the days seem to pass,

the more I enjoy the gray.

Yesterday, I laid out on my balcony to bask in the sun, read a book, and let Haku feel the warm air.

Today we both lay in front of the door while I write this to you and she rests.

The sounds of rain and chimes sing from my Bluetooth speaker. Sometimes you just have to bring the rain.

It’s early but not too much so I plan for the day ahead.

I imagine the type of journey you’ll embark on today,

and if you’ll have the strength and will to overcome the hardest of battles.

The Universe is the ocean;

still in parts,

ravenous in others.

Yet we continue with our days, our lives. And we question how we’re able to do it all but maybe I say that’s why we came here;

to do it all, to play the game.

I see the Universe as an all encompassing ocean;

and I am treading,


treading the waves

as it lifts me up and brings me down.

Master the mind

Master the senses

Master the waves of the Sea

Then only, will you truly know the Universe.


Have a great day.


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