I’m walking, I’m traveling

I’m walking, I’m traveling.

I’ve been here since the beginning;

since the first time my words met your eyes and eventually were mouthed on your lips.

I’ve been walking for a while now;

traveling on foot.

They ask why I don’t get a car;

What’s the point? I can’t get very far..

My mom says,

just don’t leave the country.

How can I try?

What force is more powerful than my One and Only?

To tell me anything other than, yes, yes, yes. Go!

Where will I go, wicked force?

Can you not see my feet are bare?

I’ve been walking for years;

traveling for years.

When they ask where I’ve been…

what can I say?

Other than the depths of my mind—

the depths of my soul;

where could I go?

The further I walk, the less I know.

What a path this really is.

I feel like prey following a trail of pretty things.

They lead me into caves of darkness and despair offering crystals and knowledge in return.

We promise, we promise,

they chant while fading in the black.

How could I not?

How could I not want to know You more and see what I have not been shown??

How can I not pretend to care about material things in order to maybe get a glimpse into what is Real?

How can I not want to love You more?

Am I a fool for that?

It’s late and I’m walking,

I’m traveling.

Will you come with me?


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