I said I’d write something good

I wonder if anyone is here to hear it.

It’s late at night and before I dim the light, I sit up writing and digesting my midnight comfort food.


Today, was an odd day.

Though I worked as usual, my off-ness began early morning and continued throughout the day.

During one of my meetings midday, I found myself reaching for my mini murti of Maa and clenching her within my fist.

Please, Maa, I said. Help me get through this day.

I admired her through my hands while watching things that had no matter to me at the time.

Today started off, off. But it ended okay.

I’ve been learning how to ground myself more and learn to get through the day easier and wiser.

I admire those doing the same.

As the night ends, I sit up and write this to you.

How was your day?

Did you make some time for yourself?

What will you do tomorrow?

Dream big.




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