I’m really lucky

Last night, I spent the night with My Love after 4 days of moping around by myself.

I’m ecstatic that it’s Thursday today. This means tomorrow is Friday.

Did you know I have a podcast called ThirdEyeCyphs that releases new episodes every Friday? You should check it out.

Other than that, I don’t work weekends so I’m one day closer to a break.

This post is titled I’m really lucky because I am.

I’m lucky today is Thursday and tomorrow is Friday.

I’m lucky I saw My Love last night and this morning.

I’m lucky I’ll see him tomorrow and the day after.

I’m lucky to have my Haku to cuddle and kiss.

I’m really lucky to have abundance.

I am.

As I make my way to work a little later than usual, I contemplate how much luck has entered my life—and continues to.

It’s Thursday and I’m excited to write this.

I am a writer.

I am abundant.

I am really lucky.


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