I vow to write everyday

If a writer writes everyday, then that’s exactly what I’ll do.

How do I expect to get anywhere with nothing to show for?

It’s Tuesday today, and I’m stepping into who I will become.

It seems every moment that passes me these past few days all I can think of is My Love & his father.

Yesterday was a complete energetic recharge and I’m eternally grateful I didn’t have to go into the studio.

I shared my altar space with Tito Eugene and it comforts me to think he’s here with me.

I asked him this morning if he thought his wife would warm up to me soon enough and just saw his smile and imagined his laugh.

I feel My Love’s pain. And I’ll do everything I can every day to balance his feelings and emotions.

Holding space for many who ached broke my heart more than it has in the past.

A day off was well needed.

Spring is blooming upon us and as we ready to reopen, a part of me wants to stay inside and watch the rain.

I may be moving once again and though I don’t mind, I wish it would just stop for a little bit. At least until I can settle down.

I’m riding the bus watching beautiful houses go by as I make my way towards work.

What will you do today?

I hope it’s a good one for you ๐Ÿ™‚


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