it’s late and i’ll be writing something tomorrow

but the anxiety makes me write this now.

With so much always consistently happening, it’s hard to keep up.

I’ll be moving at the end of this month and it doesn’t seem to be any more than nerve wrecking.

Moving always makes me anxious.

Especially when you don’t actually have a place to move to yet.

It’s late and my vacation is almost over.

Tomorrow I will return to my usual working job all while trying to fit the rest of my life into the schedule.

That also makes me nervous.

I lay here with my cat Haku contemplating how I should spend the rest of my time tonight.

So I write this.

I see the invisible people who listen to and read my content, and wonder how they are—wonder how you are.

I hope your holidays were nice and I wish you the best this new year.

Let’s talk tomorrow.


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