I know I didn’t write last week,

and something inside me reminded me everyday.

I lay here and write this now wishing I did last week, the day after, the day after, and so forth.

I pretty much wish I wrote everyday.

The holidays continue as Christmas passes and we make our to New Year’s. I feel like a kid again.

I have this whole work week off and while my Love does his duties, I sit here and ponder my activities for the week.

Yoga school, yoga school, yoga school, my inner-self chants.

I intend to take a walk, dive deep into asana, philosophy, reading, writing.

I think about creating a project this break but I may overwhelm myself and never complete it. It is a break after all.

I knotted my first mala yesterday and it showed me a glimpse into a world I will soon be partaking in.

I get messages of all the things I could be doing and I get anxious. And I wonder how to turn it off.

It’s Monday and usually I’d be working today.

Instead I write this to you,

and think about my day,

and what I’ll do.

What will you do, today? This week? This holiday?

I’d love to know.


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