It’s early but I wish I wrote this earlier

My room gets a lot colder these mornings and I’m not too sure if that’s why Haku cries.

You’d think a cat wouldn’t want so much attention from us humans.

It’s cold so I turn on my heater which just makes me sleepier and I wonder how I’ll ever get up.

It’s finally December and I look forward to putting up my mini Christmas tree sometime this week.

For those who may know, I am not at all a Christian. But I do contemplate the existence of Christ and all the things I’ve heard he’s done.

On a holiday that celebrates his existence, how could I not put him at the forefront of my mind?

From when I was young up until fairly recently, my passion for Christmas was of course for the consumer aspect of it.

And though I still enjoy receiving and giving gifts that aren’t always necessary, I can’t help but admire the time well spent with loved ones.

The cozy feeling of it all; warm drinks, blankets, movies, food. You get the picture.

And even if I don’t spend it with family that holds similar DNA this year, I’ve learned to appreciate those I have around me now. And my friends have become my family, even if it does only last a while.

It’s Monday and like every week, I wait for Friday’s arrival along with My Love’s.

What will you do this week?

I hope you’re staying warm. Or cool.

Wherever you are.


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