Last week I had a dream of this very moment

or should I say, a lunar eclipse.

It wasn’t a very important dream yet I woke up looking up the next lunar eclipse anyways.

It was in a week.

That I could say was probably the most exciting part of the dream because to tell you the truth I don’t remember it at all.

But I remember a few days ago..

While giving all of my friends messages of God through thin pieces of paper, the world card flew out and back in before I could think twice.

A card I had seen not too long ago in a celestial reading by a woman who claims to read the Akashic Records.

This I noticed.

I read the card now, telling me to broaden my horizons.

What I think it says is to look at the bigger picture.

Something big is happening.

I think back to the last dream I had of an eclipse—right before the world locked down.

I remember looking up and seeing the moon as huge as it can be, just like in the card.

Except visually, it wasn’t the moon but the world.

After I awoke from that dream, the next eclipse was also in a week.

I’m not saying I know anything but what I am saying is that I don’t know anything.

And I sit here on a not so cold evening,

cooking as if it were,

wondering what it all means.

And I think of you,

and of writing;

and all of the other things I could and couldn’t be doing;

trying to remain proud

and strong

for tomorrow morning.


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