It’s Tuesday,

and I’m writing this later than yesterday.

Again this morning, I looked for something to do other than just wake up.

Haku decided to join me on my chest, cuddling me deeper into sleep. This only lasted about 10 mins, thankfully.

As my work begins to pile up for the the holiday season, I look more and more forward to staying in, reading some books, and getting some writing done.

What do you look forward this time of year?

On the east coast, it’s the snow for me.

There’s just something about it I miss this time of year. Maybe it reminds me of a simpler time.

It’s Tuesday and my power just went out.

It’s quiet outside and the sun has barely risen.

I think about turning it back on but instead sit and admire the silence.

Now I remember why I wanted to wake up this early.

It’s getting pretty cold on the west side of things and I wonder who else is watching the sun rise with me.

Are you seeing this?


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