they said the worlds ending

yet I can’t stop planting trees.

call it–false hope

call it–love.

I can hear the chants of running horses firey blaze

setting the world on fire.

they said the worlds ending and screams and cries all sound like the wings of scattered flies—

can’t you hear the hum?

the ground shakes and rumbles at every step cracks and breaks crumbling underneath–


is sacred.

Ma is here and is taking back what’s hers;

The elves tame the dragons while they cry out for their source

Take me, take me

And I hope—

I get chosen last.

Give me that moment to look you in the eyes

plant my last trees

water my last sprouts.

I brush the ash and smoke away from it’s lungs to breathe the breath they’ll never live.

Give me that moment Ma;

let me look you in the eyes.

Show you my trees and flowers and I give them all to you Ma! Look! You take them. I don’t want it.

Drink my pools and oceans of waves I spill my blood in honor of your name.

Har har Mahadevi

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