Even though I found myself writing 3x last week,

I stand true to my commitment of writing on Mondays.

Today is the first day of my yoga teacher training.

And though I wish I could experience this first hand in-person, I stay locked in my room at 5 AM waiting for the world to be let out their doors.

What a pleasure it is to begin at this time. What an auspicious time!

The leaves begin to fall as everyone plans their oddly arranged holidays and for a second it feels no different.

The holidays will be different this year yet I can’t remember a time where they weren’t.

My family expects my company during all of this when I really wish to just stay home.

Last year’s Christmas was beautiful. Laying in the silence of invisible snow fall, waiting for something I can’t name.

I’m excited for what’s to come.

‘Til then I spend my weekdays managing a business that could fall at any moment, watching our foundation remain strong.

What will you do this week?

I’d love to know


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