Even though I found myself writing 3x last week,

I stand true to my commitment of writing on Mondays.

Today is the first day of my yoga teacher training.

And though I wish I could experience this first hand in-person, I stay locked in my room at 5 AM waiting for the world to be let out their doors.

What a pleasure it is to begin at this time. What an auspicious time!

The leaves begin to fall as everyone plans their oddly arranged holidays and for a second it feels no different.

The holidays will be different this year yet I can’t remember a time where they weren’t.

My family expects my company during all of this when I really wish to just stay home.

Last year’s Christmas was beautiful. Laying in the silence of invisible snow fall, waiting for something I can’t name.

I’m excited for what’s to come.

‘Til then I spend my weekdays managing a business that could fall at any moment, watching our foundation remain strong.

What will you do this week?

I’d love to know


Published by Natalia Lee

Natalia Lee is a spiritual mentor, writer, and artist. She embodies many types of spiritual practice, one importantly being the Taoist principle of living in harmony with the flow of nature. Another is her expression of devotion toward Source through Bhakti Yoga. At 19 years old, Natalia moved from her hometown in New York City to Los Angeles to begin her pilgrimage of world travel and spiritual inquisition. Since then, she has tackled many personal achievements including the publishing of multiple poetry collections, e-books, physical art pieces, a podcast, and a personal blog & brand.

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