It’s an early Saturday,

And listening to the silent songs I found not too long ago has me thinking back.

I remember lying in my bed of my grandmothers house, letting it wash over me.

The chimes, the birds, the whistle of the wind;

I wonder why I hadn’t heard it before—-felt it before.

Zen Buddhism was my first spiritual love. Because of it, I have walked down many paths—-and continue to do so.

I was about 13 at the time.

When I think back to it, I can’t really imagine what I thought Zen was.

Meditation, for some reason Zen gardens, and just more meditation I guess.

Maybe at the time it was more than I could recall, but what I found that year in the silence, was the Zen I was looking for.

I guess you can say it took me 5 years to get it and even then I didn’t. I still don’t.

But what I do know is that I found the Tao, I found something that I didn’t even know I was searching for. I found what Zen means.

So as I lay here, recalling that time of falling align, listening to the quietness some artist created, I imagine where life will go from here.

I imagine daily that one day my Master will come, if she is not here already, or that I’ll find myself inside a temple one day, giving it all up.

Well Uni, I’m giving it all up now.

So show me, show me.

Show me it all.


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