It’s funny to think that life continues as is

On Friday night, I probably experienced the most craziest thing I’ve ever experienced personally.

It’s a funny thing to say, especially since I’ve seen a lot of crazy things.

10:10, The Universe laughs.

For nearly 4 hours straight, I battled with something within me that I don’t think I can put into words.

From the comfort of My Loves hands, I fell into the arms of The Beloved.

I challenge the world to prove to me there is no God while She laughs and screams in my ears.

It’s funny to think that after all of that, life continues as is.

The sun still rose as it’s supposed to and my body still craved to sleep.

What a wonderful, sacred, and scary time it was.

I think back to a time in maybe 2016 or 2017, where I had a similar yet less intense experience.

It’s funny to think not too long ago, I compared my present position to where I was then when it came to my spiritual practice.

If I had any doubts then, they’re gone now!

It’s Monday and as I walk to a work meeting, I can’t help but write this post.

What a time it was.

I walk under tunnels, past lights of hidden dreams. God walking along side.

Man, I wish you could’ve seen it.

It was great.



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