Another Monday, Another Passed

Can you believe I skipped a week? I can.

Recently I’ve been promoted to Manager of my yoga studio job.

And although it’s not as much work as it entails, I still scavenge for time myself.

Yesterday, Sept. 6, 2020, my uncle Louie passed away.

My heart hurts for my family who see it as their own loss.

I think about a story Ram Dass tells during the time Maharaji began to pass;

He said he and the devotees would plea to Babaji, please, please, don’t go! And Babji would laugh and holler back, don’t be silly! What nonsense! Where else could I go??

I can’t imagine what happens after this life but I know it’s something grand.

I say my uncle is lucky,—–to have made it out.

How I spend days in awe and wonder of the beyond; aching for a place I don’t know.

As my days pass through ups and downs I can’t see anything more than the present and future.

I get messages from God telling me to be humble—wondering when the day comes where I’ll be on the road again.

My journey is beautiful and I admire every second of it.

I wonder how much my uncle enjoyed his life, and if he was content with it’s days once it came to an end.

How often was he here, now?

Had he met God in this lifetime?

How was meeting her, once again?

These I wonder on this Monday.

I listen to the earth drink the tears of the grieving—praying for rain.

Are you enjoying your life?

Have you seen God lately?

I’d love to know.


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