As my life continues to amaze me,

I wonder what else it has in store.

I think about when I first started this blog, and moved out here to the west coast; how different it was then.

I think it was on Thursdays I’d post.

And it was always some sort of update on my life; what I was eating, what I’ve been doing.

I feel like I’ve over complicated the task of writing, like I do with everything else, instead of just actually writing.

It was never a problem then, when I didn’t know what to write. I just did.

As my life continues to amaze me and bless me with opportunities I didn’t know I could receive, my aunt’s tarot reading comes to mind;

She told me, be flexible. Opportunities will present themselves in a way you wouldn’t expect. But it’s all part of the process.

And I think back to when I first started this journey and how I imagined it would look.

And I look at my life now and where this path has taken me;

And I wouldn’t change a thing.

Through the many times I thought I’veย experienced love, I’ve learned a love like no other.

Throught the simplest of tasks and beauties of life, I’ve found solace in a city.

Inside my head I see myself walking this path, along the edges of mountain tops; staff in hand, speaking to others of a One we call God.

I see it now,

and I see it then.

I can’t wait for what I’ll see next.

Will you come with me?


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