Shamefully, I write this post

2 weeks; ugh.

I hate missing weeks.

It just shows me how much of importance my writing is to me.

I need to write.

Yesterday I came back from The Poconos with My Love. We enjoyed a week of humidity, hilarity, & family.

Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve mentioned my Youtube channel on a post.

Well now that you have it, soon my whole trip will be up!

I try to think about things to write other than these posts but I feel the need to engage in other plans.

I wonder if that’s okay..

That’s why I try to keep up these posts weekly. To make sure that no matter what, I don’t stop writing.

Until then, I think I may read a book.

Other than the ones I start and never finish, I know exactly which.

How have you been doing?

Will you tell me..?

I’ll be here


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