Lifes full of bumps Pt.2

Between mountains & roads,
I find myself less alone in these times.
I fall in line with purpose but now more than ever; action–
that took so hard to find. Running from things that will never help me seem to call my phone constantly
having me in circles running back again.
Life’s full of bumps and that’s a thing I know now more than ever;
with struggles of contemplation and practice, the third worlders will never know other than their work and gym schedule.
They say life is full of bumps and yeah it’s a thing they all grasp yet still try to wrap me in bubbles to protect their own ideals and keep me from my own.
It’s loving humor this reality has become and I laugh at all those who partake;
still I fall in line with all as those who claim awake.
There’s nothing more to do with eyes as clear to see,
I roam, I roam, I roam;
as Thou art within me.

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