Daylight – A writing

The way light trickles in, it’s hard to ignore the beauty if it all.
I think back to times of silence I find even now and realize in the end it was all worth it.
I met God in times of trouble, but knew him even more through success.
I put myself back into these moments as they are as perfect as the hairs along one’s back.
Sweetness to the throat–my words louder now than ever.
What can I say? What can I say?
There’s only up from here.
I imagine the world more lost but calm than ever yet I still raise my hand to give them some peace of mind.
Where is everyone nowadays?
I find myself screaming across oceans just to get a message back but instead get sunsets & daylight. Loving & Pure.
What else can I say?
I imagine my first moments of arrival and the same daybreak that entered.
It was full of hope and opportunity.
I look at the sleeping face of my love now and she brings me back to the moments before she came.
It’s the daylight, I tell you.
It’s so funny how simple a form such as that can hold so much within it; I believe it.
I’ve seen things I’m not sure are even real but still believe it’s truth.
I get challengers of God and questions with no answers but my faith remains unshakable.
I know Infinite Presence as I’ve spoke with many times.
There are no duals. No quarrels.
I’ve heard to be loving with no gift in return but I wonder what those gifts could be.
What can I expect from Thou?
More than what has been given already?
I think of how I could never go against Love like that yet I demand so much of myself it hurts.
How could I?
How could I not seen the divinity within at all times?
The daylight breaks in but I have no quarrel.
It hides amongst the clouds yet still I have no fight.
I let it in when it’s ready to show.
Oh the daylight,
falling atop like snow.

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