I could cry at the sight of all these friends I surround myself with.
Heartbroken but love sick,
how could this be;
I can’t help but to fall for every single person that I meet-
I’m in love;
A loner and probably always will be.
My heart craves for this connection that I always feel all around me
but never a part of—
I’m happy for you.
And I’m glad that you have that.
I’m sad because
I do
I just can’t see it,
or maybe I just push too many people away,
I’m goddamn home sick but always stay astray.
Breaking the hearts of the ones I love,
in search for something that is on the search for me,
but we’re both so stubborn that we settle for less
When the fact is your standing right in front of me,
and we’re face to face I’m so close I could almost kiss you
but you can’t see me and I can’t see you either
so I throw my fingers in the air and kiss the sky.

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