Life is Full of Bumps Pt. 1

Not sure what life is and you third worlders aren’t helping me.
Spent an hour crying to the Universe confused on purpose like I ever got it to begin with.
I see images I’m not sure I care for but still ponder them over time;
I’m forced with burdens that were never given to me but instead volunteered for asking God why I even signed up for thisโ€ฆ.
He laughs and shows me in the forest writing something that’ll never matter but I open my notebook anyways and hope the words will come soon.
Life is full of bumps but I’m not sure how many I can take until I need a new transmission just to hit them all over again.
I’m not too sure what this all is but neither do you and that’s why you third worlders will never help me.
I watch in envy and scream out why can’t I just live in ignorance and accept this blissful life but am shot down by my self because we all know what I’m like and a life like that will never do.
Until my time comes for the great Sage to be called out I sit and wait and cry and wish I was never born into this blissful life because instead I live in ignorance.

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