This Morning I Awake to Gentle Rains,

Light thunder, a grey tinted room, and Haku, my cat, sitting on the window pane to admire it all.

She senses the peace more than I.

I figure today will be a slow one, as DTLA will hide in their offices against the cold—or maybe even be closed since tomorrow is Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow I’ll find myself in the rain as well, if it decides to, waiting in line with others for more things we don’t need but always find a use for.

All of my family is out on the east coast of things but I was never really a fan of commercial holidays anyways.

Except Christmas.

I guess it just reminds me of a simpler time.

Yet, everything is simple now.

I wonder of it’s cold where you are.

What will you do tomorrow?

Let me know!

For now,

Happy Rain,

Happy Holiday.


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