It rained for the first time in a long time today!

I’d leave a big part out if I didn’t tell you it rained last night.

Standing behind the counter of my minimum wage job,

a customer stepped inside shaking off what seemed to me as droplets.

“It’s raining out there!” he stated in disbelief.

And with all the built up energy I’d been harnessing, I sprung from behind that counter,

passed the customer I should’ve been welcoming in,

and out the door to bask in the weather I’ve yearned for.

With my arms outstretched, I span in circles looking up at the sky that had been left by the sun an hour before.

It was the highlight of my day.

To continue this beautiful time,

I awoke this morning to cloudy skies leaking through my window and the sound of thunder crashing through the slight crack I had left open.

Haku, my cat, was sitting on the sill eyeing the drops that found their way inside our home.

It was a beautiful morning today, it was.

As I set my alarm to see another, I wonder what tomorrow has in store.

But that’s then.

Have a good night.


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