He makes the week go by faster

It’s Wednesday morning,

And I imagine all the busy bees of 9-5—school and ties, walking–



I hope you’re as satisfied with this hump day as I.

For me, I lay in my bed next to my love as he dreams dreams as sweet as him.

Mornings are my favorite;

as his breath is as soft as the music I play behind it all.

I’m grateful for his presence here since I won’t be within it again until the end of the week.

Oh my love, I wish you knew how I really felt.

I could spend eternity in these sheets with you as long as we could sleep in each other’s arms;

I’d be the happiest woman in the world.

The colder it gets, the more people huddle inside my job with scarves and jackets of 60ยฐ weather.

The holidays are here and I don’t need lights to feel it.

‘Tis the season I read a lot of books, snuggle up with my laptop, and write everything I wish I would year ’round.

What do you tend to do during this time?

I’ll be here awaiting your response;

whoever you are.


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