You may be making the BIGGEST business mistake

Through my research in marketing and advertising, I’ve learned a lot when it comes to reaching the people.

While trying to dip my feet in the entertainment and business industry, I’ve met many people along the way.

Some which to my surprise, are making a HUGE mistake when it comes to promoting whatever they’re selling, be it music or a product.

They’re not on social media!

In this day and age, everyone’s mother and child are on social media.

Maybe not you, but your customers are.

If you’re an upcoming artist or just started a business and you want to gain a following, what better way than on social media?

Even if you are promoting in person, most of the people you encounter are going to ask if you’re on Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter, or whatever else would be a fit.

If you have a website, that’s fine, but not that many people will be continuously visiting your site.

You need to keep reminding people; Hey, remember me? I have this really awesome product that you need in your life!

Most of these customers visit social media platforms everyday.

This means, if they follow you on whatever it is, they’ll be reminded of you and your product everyday!

If you’re making this mistake, consider it immensely. It may save your business.

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