Welcome Visitors, we’re expanding!

To all the newcomers on the site, I welcome you.

I’ve noticed a huge spike of visitors today though I’m pretty sure it’s due to the new collections I posted in the gallery; be sure to check them out!

They’re great.

I also have some pretty cool news…

I now write blog posts for TheNerdsList!

It’s a really cool up and coming blog featured with the latest news in anime, comics, gaming, tech, and more!

Check out my first post here.

In other news, I’ve noticed ever since I moved down to Long Beach, I haven’t took that many pictures. Which is a shame since I’m constantly surrounded by art filled streets.

So this upcoming week, I will be doing some shoots after work.

Until then, I will be skimming the classifieds for more amazing opportunities to present themselves.

If you haven’t already,

Follow me on Facebookย and follow the site on Instagram!

Also, be sure to follow TheNerdsList and their social media platforms as well.

We’ll talk soon and as always,




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