“Zines” Step 1:

So as I said in one of my previous posts, I was thinking about starting my own “zine”.


I decided I will.

They are quite popular here in Long Beach—maybe California in general.

For those who don’t know what a zine is,

they are handmade magazines/comics, usually duplicated with a copy machine, and brought together with some staples (but not always).

These zines can be filled with anything someone wants to put out into the world.

Here are some image examples on Google.

So here’s what I decided should be Step 1, if you’re thinking about starting your own:

1. Gathering Information and Ideas

This includes learning more about the zine community, how to actually go about making one, getting inspiration from other zinesters, and compiling ideas for your zine.

Also during this period, I will be building my writing and drawing skills.

This is optional but personally I would just like to enhance these skills.

Check out your local library, they may carry some zines! Or even books about them.

The library I first really discovered zines in recently, was the Downtown Long Beach Main Library.

I also checked out Whatcha Mean, What’s a Zine?ย by Mark Todd & Esther Pearl Watson.

It basically gives you the run down on how to make your own zine.

You can also look up how-to’s on YouTube.

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We’ll talk soon guys!


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