Goodbye Monrovia, Hello Long Beach!

I’ve spent most of my life moving from place to place.

Back then it may not have seemed like it, but it was nice.

Meeting new people, seeing new sights, getting comfortable in uncomfortable situations; all worth it.

Now here I am 19 years old—finally on my own, still moving around.

It’s even better now though!

My Love & I taking on the world.

As of right now, we’re transporting what’s left of our belongings from Monrovia, CA to Long Beach, CA.

Yep, we finally got our own place.

With only $350 left in my bank account, and rent due the first of March, oh yeah;

it’s on.

Oh but Monrovia!

How I’ll miss your beautiful mountains surrounding me!

Climbing the hardest of trails just to get a look at your streams and falls!

Oh how I’ll miss you.

It’s not forever though.

For now, I’ll be roaming the classifieds and streets of Long Beach, searching for a job.

Send us luck guys—-we could use it!

Hello LBC!


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