As I stepped off the plane in Denver Colorado

The sight of snowy mountain tops seemed to have overwhelmed me.

I mean sure,

there’s some snowy mountains in Pennsylvania—-in the winter.

For some reason, I felt as if those mountain tops stayed covered in snow all year long.

Probably not though.

Submerged in the smell of Pine,

I started to head in the direction of food.

You Coloradans sure know how to give a good first impression;

And this is just the airport!

Finding myself in small shops filled with incense, I gently glide my hands over animal skin robes and native jewelry.

I was so excited I almost forgot I was hungry—- so I made my way over to Panda Express.

Some crappy Lo Mein and steamed broccoli wouldn’t’ve been my first choice, but it’ll do for now.

With what is now 2 more hours left,

I hope to at least finish one chapter of Theย Way of the Peaceful Warrior.

Instead I play phone tag with my love,

like I won’t be seeing him soon.

It’s 32 degrees outside of gate A32 but I bask in the sun that beams through the windows.

Is this how I’m going to feel always?



I’ll see you on the west coast of things.


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