It’s January 21st and

My flight to Santa Ana leaves in 2 days.

Rui says, “…your gonna come back, so dont make it seem like your leaving forever…”.

But knowing me, how can you be so certain?

So I say goodbye anyways just in case I wander off.

As the heat of the sun falls on my face, I’m listening to Island in the Sun through my dads car radio; making our way down to the City of New York.

I recently purchased The Way of the Peaceful Warrior for my 6 hour journey.

I’m not sure if I’ll finish it by the time I reach CA, because I’m pretty sure I’ll be alternating between that, and Naruto.

I’m practically done with the show already; I just need to watch the last episode—if I stop watching the fillers.

Anyways, I have some luggage to pick up & mothers to say goodbye to.

We’ll talk soon


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