Days like this

Remind me of about a year ago, trudging through snow for 4 miles, to my first job as a waitress; words of Tao in my ear, surrounded by love.

I remember walking in, soaked up to the knee.

It wasn’t my fault my first day was 2 days after Pennsylvania’s most brutual snow storm. 

And no, I didn’t have a car. 

I didn’t mind it though.

Not even when months had passed and summer came blazing down on us. 

Scraped knees and bloody palms, 

I’d limp the 4 miles after trying to bomb hills I knew I couldn’t.

But I didn’t mind that either. 

I loved it.

But even more months had passed, 

and love filled my lonely nights.

The sky had become more pink,

and I was enjoying flowers more than usual; not that you ever gave me any.

And the words of Tao lessened while the sounds of our hearts beat in unison—-your breath was the only thing I heard anymore.

And I was okay with that too.

It’s 2018 now, and the snow is falling heavier than ever here in the Poconos.

Our heartbeats are 3 hours apart but sometimes I feel yours next to mine.

Tao in my head, covered in blankets, I wonder if I’ll miss the cold this time of year. 

6 more days.

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