I have to hold myself back from writing so much

Because I think a 3 day radius between each post is pretty good.

I finished Extremely Loud & Incredibly  Close yesterday morning and it was very good.

A few years back, I had seen the movie which had me crying from the minute it began. Once I came across the book, which I had no idea existed, I purchased it immediately.

I see it as a beautifully written book, and nothing like the movie. I honestly thought I was going to cry more. But, I didn’t. Nor did I even feel the need to cry. But I loved it. Honestly. I very much suggest you read it.

In other news,

I’m sitting in my grandmother’s living room, contemplating what other useless trash I’ll find myself packing tomorrow.

My love leaves on a flight to Santa Ana tomorrow morning and I couldn’t miss him more.

As the temperature drops by the second, I dream of warmer days, and breaking a sweat by night.

I find

I get anxious

over stupid things

like laundry arrangements;

Though I can’t find a way

to let the words

I’m leaving

escape my mouth.

I want someone else to tell them

and run away from my problems like I did that day

except this time, it won’t cost as much


it’ll break

equal hearts.

I have to hold myself back from writing posts so much so I let it all out on paper.

Well at least I try to—-more than keeping it in my head.

I wonder if this night will feel like forever, as my loves anxiety heightens at the thought of tomorrows altitude.

I pray he sleeps tonight so he can spend the flight reading Catcher In the Rye

You should too.


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