Bird by Bird

So Thursday night, I decided to re-watch Stuck in Love because I knew it would give me that push to really start writing again; which it did. So today, I decided to create my list of “To Get” books. So I researched books that will make you a better writer just by reading them. I looked a one website but just skimmed through it seeing “Bird by Bird” as number one. The next website, I found “Bird by Bird” as number one again so I decided what this post had to say about it. It seemed like a pretty good book as it described the author’s writings of the hardships of being a writer if that’s a good way to say it. So as I reached for the phone to note the title of this book, looking at the time, 11:44. As you can tell from my last post, I observe many synchronities as well as Adrian. So me being all excited taking down this title, I write some more classics to pick up including, The Catcher in the Rye and Lord of the Flies. I already read The Catcher in the Rye the beginning of 10th grade but enjoyed it so much I have to get it again. So after making this list, Adrian was leaving to go pick up his brothers and all we had at that moment was $20. I was planning on going to my dads later so I knew I needed train ride but so did he. I ran to the store with him to break the $20 and we split the money. As I’m walking back home from the train realizing I only have $10 now and I wanted to go pick up at least one of the books on the list, I kept affirming to myself, “The most important book on the list will be under $10” until I got home. Once I walked in, I reached for my laptop and looked up the price of the first book on my list, Bird by Bird, on Barnes & Noble. Exactly how I predicted, the book was $9.72. I was so excited I reached for my phone to check my battery life for the trip, and saw the numbers 12:34 as the time. I’m so excited to see what this book has in store for me.

I know I was supposed to post yesterday but I ended up passing out at like 7:30 last night. I’m trying to aim for writing every other day so I’m definitely going to have to set an alarm to wake me up.
As I wrote that I glanced at my laptops time to see 1:11 PM in it’s place.
I hope all is well

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